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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Return of the Church of Beethoven!

Before I suspended this blog last year, a popular feature was my Sunday morning "Church of Beethoven" feature, named after two or more real-life projects in the USA where people -- many may be atheists -- actually meet in person. Beethoven himself was deeply spiritual but refused to attend church. Anyway: I revive it today with perhaps his "deepest" composition and one of the greatest written by anyone anywhere: The "Heiliger Dankesang" movement from his opus 132. One added note: It inspired T.S. Eliot to write his masterpiece "Four Quartets." I will be attending the U.S. premiere of a theater/concert piece in early December in NYC, with the actor Stephen Dillane performing the quartets followed by the Miro Quartet playing the opus 132.

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