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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Note to New Visitors (And Old)

As you may know, the magazine I have edited since 2002, Editor & Publisher, was shut down today by Nielsen in both print and Web form. We may print one more issue, or not, but will keep Web site going at half-speed until end of year. Tremendous outpouring of support and outrage today (we even made #4 as a Twitter trending topic)--so much that I haven't been able to respond to hardly any. But thanks to all and I will try to be in touch. Here's a Q & A with at CJR.

Meanwhile, I will be tweeting as much as ever and probably posting here more. Haven't done much here today, obviously, but generally do six to eight things a day, so if you are a newbie, please return tomorrow for a more usual day.


Christina said...

I shall keep my fingers crossed that the online version can be rescued somehow. As I was reminded today on Daily Kos, E&P was a beacon of sanity during the Bush years and it's a shame to lose that.

Good luck!

Christina (cln0103 on twitter)

Anonymous said...

The fact that Daily Kos thinks E&P was a "beacon of sanity" during the Bush years only confirms what I have been thinking for years — that E&P had morphed into a left-wing magazine and Web site. If Mr. Mitchell wonders why it is going out of business, he need only look in the mirror.

ralphb97 said...

hope at least online keeps going. you are a permanent tweet

DevorahLeah said...

Wow, first Radio & Records, now E&P. This is outrageous. Greg, I know you will land somewhere and I hope it's someplace where you can continue your excellent work as a media critic. Our profession needs you.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate the E&P and it's a daily site I looked at.

Joe Strub covered my layoff in February/March. I appreciated the publicity, even though it didn't save my job.

Good luck in whatever form you take in the future.