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Friday, January 29, 2010

J.D. Salinger Liked His Privacy--But Oh Those Church Suppers

Interesting and lengthy Rutland Herald piece on how neighbors of J.D. Salinger in Cornish, N.H. helped protect his privacy over the years. Plus his widow wrote a letter to the local paper, the Valley News, declaring: "Cornish is a truly remarkable place. This beautiful spot afforded my husband a place of awayness from the world. The people of this town protected him and his right to his privacy for many years. I hope, and believe, they will do the same for me." Love this detail:
Until last year, Salinger was a regular at the Hartland Congregational Church's roast beef suppers, arriving more than two hours early for the first seating.

He would bring along back issues of the Times and sit with other, mostly older, early birds waiting for the doors to open so he could claim the same seat at the head of the table nearest the pie rack.


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