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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Senator Shoplifted, But Here's Embarrassing Part

The NYT, perhaps belatedly, has a full profile of Sen.-elect Brown tomorrow, which probes his difficult childhood, e.g. each of his parents married four times, etc. But here's an excerpt that really take us (way) back -- check out the groups he liked and what he stole.
He grew his hair long, listened to Aerosmith and Kiss and, at 12, was arrested for shoplifting a bunch of albums (Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railroad) at a local mall.

He went before a judge, Samuel Zoll, who invited him into his chambers and asked him about his life. Mr. Brown responded by saying he loved basketball and had younger half siblings who looked up to him. “How do you think they would like to watch you play basketball in jail?” the judge asked, according to Mr. Brown’s telling. Judge Zoll demanded that Mr. Brown write a 1,500-word essay about the episode and eventually let him go.

Mr. Brown said that experience was a pivot point in his life, leading him to be more serious about school and sports. His long-range shooting skill at Wakefield High School and, eventually, Tufts University, earned him the nickname Downtown Scotty Brown.

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