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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Name in Vain

Oh, the indignity! It's bad enough that the new owner of E&P decided not to retain me when the magazine started up again last month -- with most of the "E" taken out of the E&P -- but the publication is still using me to sell subscription renewals.
I was alerted to this by a current subscriber, who forwarded an email he had just received, along with the note that he would NOT be renewing. Here's the pitch from the email:
Your subscription to Editor & Publisher is about to expire. In order to extend your service, we need only a few moments of your time. To verify that we have your correct information, please click below. You will be prompted to your personal renewal page where you can manage your account and ensure continuous service to Editor & Publisher in print and online.
It's signed, "Greg Mitchell, Editor."

Now, I could object on several grounds, but added to that, what about making me look bad as a writer? Consider the closing line: "We look forward to continuing your service to Editor & Publisher." Now that's really going too far. -- Greg Mitchell

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