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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tricky Dick and the Pink Lady

Yes, that's the title of my Random House book about the infamous 1950 U.S. Senate contest in California that drew major attention and was picked as one of the New York Times' "Notable Books" of the year. The stars, of course, were young Dick Nixon and the beautiful former actress (and wife of Melvyn Douglas) Helen Gahagan Douglas -- both up and coming members of congress at the time. It was one of the dirtiest, and most far-reaching election contests of the century, highlighting issues surrounding the Red Scare -- and women in politics. I've been highlighting some of my books here all week. You can read more here and film rights are now available. Contact me at: epic1934@aol.com. See other books by scrolling down on the main page of this blog.

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