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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Will Tea Party 'Eagle' Fly?

Last week I wrote at Huff Post about a Tea Party candidate in Illinois' 8th congressional district after the NYT covered the uproar over Walsh using famous "Lead the Way" song by the "other" Joe Walsh (Eagles, James Gang, etc.) in campaign and in video below, with new right-leaning lyrics, such as: "We’ve all had enough / Of this health-care stuff / We’re losing more jobs every day." "We've all been betrayed/by this cap and trade." "Pelosi and Reid wanna screw ya." "Joe Walsh is just the perfect guy to lead the way." Lawyer for old Joe has sent letter to new Joe on gross copyright infringement -- guy in video uses the whole song with new lyrics. Joe the Candidate defended.

Last night, the candidate Joe won a surprise upset.

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