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Monday, October 17, 2011

More on Poll Finding Decline in Support for Death Penalty

I've covered the recent Gallup Poll finding a decline in support for the death penalty in the USA to lowest level in decades -- though still at 61%. As I've done for years, I have highlighted that this drops to 50% or less when life without patrol is added as an option.

Mother Jones
today goes over all of this today, but also adds a historical chart of the ups and downs over the years from Gallup that is worth looking at.    They also point out that a record 1 in 4 now say there are too many executions now.   I was interviewed about all this by the Christian Science Monitor a couple of days ago, along with the cheers at the GOP debate for executions and the Florida legislator wanting to bring back "Old Sparky."

For full historical context for this, and a probe of current trends, see my new e-book, Dead Reckoning (just $2.99).

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