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Monday, July 30, 2012

Brat PAC Backs Santa Impersonator for Congress

Fun (if slightly unnerving) new story at NYT:  It seems that the only GOP candidate left standing on the ballot in a wide open Michigan congressional race -- after the sudden resignation of the notorious Rep. Thaddeus McCotter -- is a reindeer rancher and Santa impersonator (that's him at left, from his site) named Kerry Bentivolio.  Democrats were licking their chops waiting to take on the libertarian-leaning Bentivolio who runs a "fly by night" company.  But now there's a hitch: the so-called "Brat PAC," funded mainly by a very young and very rich Ron Paul backer, and fresh off a surprise win in Kentucky, is now backing Santa in the August 7 primary against a write-in candidate, Nancy Cassis.  Perhaps he will win by a red nose.  Here's an attack ad from the write-in candidate. 

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