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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Countdown to Hiroshima

Every year at this time, I begin to reflect on the use of two atomic weapons over Japanese cities, killing at least 200,000 civilians, in early August, 1945.  I visited the two cities at length back in 1984, and have written dozens of articles, and two books (see the rail at left on this page), about the issue.  Also took two trips to the Truman Library,  interviewed dozens of survivors--and pilots of both planes that dropped the bombs, and so on.  Last year, at The Nation, I started a daily "countdown to Hiroshima, "revisiting what-happened-on-this-day leading up to the use of the bombs, offering a unique way to judge what might have been done differently.  Here's my first piece in that vein one year ago, with Truman writing in his diary.  And my popular video below:

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