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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is This That Romney Source in "Anglo-Saxon" Flap?

Last night we brought you word of report in British press of an unnamed Romney foreign policy advisor claiming Romney had edge over Obama because of that "Anglo-Saxon" thing (see below).   Romney camp today disputes account, claiming fella couldn't have said it, or in any case was not speaking for the campaign.  But still: Who is he?  One of my sources in London says that he is getting tips that it is one Nile Gardiner,  from the Heritage Foundation, a frequent Fox News talking head and critic of Obama.  Unconfirmed, of course.  Wikipedia reveals that he a frequent contributor to the newspaper that got the scoop--the Telegraph.  His Heritage bio here. 

Update: Gardiner denies it, to Wash Post's Greg Sargent, but says he did talk to reporter.  Then again, would he confirm it?

Update 2:  Now Talking Points Memo reporter talks to Romney staffer who says no retraction or correction requested--and the Telegraph confirms it has received no such request.

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