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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mitt Easy to Mock--Also Quite Possibly Our Next Prez

I've followed, and quoted from, Charles P. Pierce for years, going back to his classic book Idiot America (which, unfortunately, has proven quite prescient).  He's now at Esquire and, lucky for us, blogging daily on politics and, like Matt Taibbi, brilliant and funny in his brief rants, but also quite incisive.  One of his pieces today, just posted, includes more Mitt mockery but then turns deadly serious, warning that Romney is far more in touch with voters in Idiot America than Obama and might well get elected: "Romney is the ideal presidential candidate for people who have been taught to hate and fear the government he purports to want to lead....He is the perfect marionette in the puppet show that the new big money has made out of our politics, an exercise in political mummery guaranteed to intensify the cynicism that most people feel about the system by increasing their distance from it....in his cynicism, and in the almost gleeful way he parades his least attractive qualities, and his most monumental lies, through the public square, Willard Romney is more in tune with the political zeitgeist than Barack Obama has been since the fall of 2008. And know that this election is still tied."

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