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Saturday, August 6, 2016

71 Years Ago: Truman Began the Story of Hiroshima With a Lie

I have posted or linked to a number of my pieces related to the atomic bombings here at this blog over the past two weeks (having covered it for three decades and written two books about it).   For now I will direct you to one particular piece  on how President Truman's announcement of the bombing of Hiroshima, 71 years ago today, launched the nuclear age with several lies, including describing the large city, filled mainly with women and children, as only a "military base."  Also: the bomb was merely a much bigger version of conventional explosives, with radiation effects not mentioned. See more here for the fascinating story of how the statement was written and edited.

For a long list of pieces I wrote about the atomic bombings for Huff Post, go here.

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