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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reagan the 'Snitch'?

A big new book by Seth Rosenfeld, from Farrar Strauss & Giroux, probes how the FBI spied on '60s radicals at Berkeley.  Not exacttly a new subject, as Michael Kazin points out here,  but this one's based on thousands of internal docs that Rosenfeld took three decades and several lawsuits to get out.  Anyway, the key publicity from the new book will likely be fresh revelations about Ronald Reagan's role as FBI informant, from the Red Scare days right up to his anti-Berkeley radicals years as governor.   I covered Reagan's fingering "Reds" in Hollywood in my book Tricky Dick and the Pink Lady.

I'll have to check  out the Rosenfeld book, as I was once a close friend of one of those key activists, the late Stew Albert.  Stew later won a lawsuit over Mark "Deep Throat" Felt's COINTELPRO spying.  In fact, I was there the day in the 1970s when Stew pulled a homing device off the inside of the rear bumper of his car in Greenwich Village.

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