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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Real Head Case

A few days back we reported on judge in Buddy Holly's hometown, Lubbock, Texas, who said in a TV interview that the county had to get ready for a "civil war" and armed insurrection (against invading UN army), which he would lead.  Now an update:  the local paper and many citizens have demanded that Tom Head  resign, after embarrassing the city around the world, but he refuses to apologize--even at a meeting today when he faced a crowd.

But's a right-wing town. "A handful of residents said that Mr. Head was right in preparing for the worst. 'I believe that we need a sheriff’s militia to protect Lubbock County, and get all the sheriffs in Texas to start a militia to protect Texas,' Kim Wade Gatewood, 48, told the commissioners and Mr. Head." 

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