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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Akin Actually in Tune With Our Founding Fathers?

Gail Collins' column for tomorrow opens with: "In colonial America, conventional wisdom held that women could not get pregnant unless they enjoyed the sex." So you know what the subject of this piece is.  One of Akin's claims "goes back to our forefathers, who believed that in order for our foremothers to conceive, 'the womb must be in a state of delight.'  The idea never entirely faded away, possibly because it reflects so well on male lovemaking prowess....So the first part of Akin’s comment is not the product of his unique imagination. It’s still being repeated all over the country, perhaps out of veneration for the thoughts of the founding fathers."

1 comment:

George McC said...

Also in In colonial America there be "witches", I wonder if he believes that too?