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Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Profile of Obama Dissing Big Funders

Jesus, here we go again.  We had Maureen Dowd's column about a week ago, even Bill Maher last Friday on HBO--now the estimable Jane Mayer in the New Yorker on how Obama is not glad-handing big funders enough, in this case, those fine folks on Wall Street.

For starters (literally): "Top Obama donors began grumbling on the first day of the Administration. 'The swearing-in was the beginning of pissing off the donors,' a longtime Washington fund-raiser says. 'During the inaugural weekend, they didn’t have the capacity to handle all the people who had participated at the highest levels, because there were so many.' One middle-aged widow, from whom the fund-raiser had secured fifty thousand dollars, got four tickets to the swearing-in, but none of them were together. 'She was so offended!' the fund-raiser says."

Then:  "Big donors were particularly offended by Obama’s reluctance to pose with them for photographs at the first White House Christmas and Hanukkah parties."

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