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Friday, January 25, 2013

Coen Brothers: It Takes a Village

Last August, I posted here that I was surprised to read in the NYT fall movie preview that the Coen brothers (not my favorite directors) were coming out with a film called  Inside Llewyn Davis focusing on one of my favorite subjects: the Greenwich Village folk scene of the early 1960s.  It stars Justin Timberlake and Carey Mulligan, with Adam Driver and John Goodman, and Oscar Isaac in the title role.  The title character is not exactly Bob Dylan but the film apparently opens in 1961, the year Bob came to the Village, and features a young folkie sleeping on couches and scheming to make it big, but without Bob's drive. (Actually, it is said to be based  partly on the memoir of somewhat older folkie Dave Van Ronk.) Part of it was indeed shot in the East Village.

There was no trailer out then but here's a full review of some early edition of the script, complaining about weak plot (but when has that stopped the Coens before?).  "The script delivers on all the beloved Coen beats: fascinating and bizarre characters, clever dialogue, well-crafted scenes, people surnamed Grossman, etc."  They've got a lot of nerve to say they are its friend?   Well, just out this week, is the first trailer, with Dylan's very early "Farewell" running through it.

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