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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

D-Day for GOP on Abortion: Platform Makes 'No Exceptions'

Chuck Todd on NBC just reported that, under the radar, GOP platform committee today will vote on plank that would ban abortion in all cases--just as that issue gets massive attention, finally.  Full platform committee then votes next week with expectation that it will indeed back that.  Romney, of course, has just declared that he backs abortion in cases of rape.  Even if he rejected party's platform, it will now be a big talking point for Dems since it would be official plank. Much more here from Amanda Marcotte.

UPDATE at 1:25 pm: Indeed, the GOP platform committee just backed the "no exceptions" plank, and even went further: "no exemptions for rape, incest or even the life of the mother. The platform committee instead approved draft language Tuesday, calling for a 'Human Life Amendment' that gives legal protection to the unborn."

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