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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

'Dog Day Afternoon': 40 Years On

Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of that day in 1972 that inspired the great Sidney Lumet film that cemented Al Pacino as star, Dog Day Afternoon.   Yes, the wild bank hostage episode was covered by NY stations, and I watched some of it.  "Attica! Attica!'  Does anyone even know what Attica is anymore?   NYT interviews one of the bank employees. 

UPDATE:  Now the Times with lengthy interview with the wife of the character played by Al Pacino (who robbed the bank to pay for sex-change operation for his male lover).  Amazing, horrible anecdotes, including: after the film was screened in prison, inmates beat the crap out of her husband because the flick made him seem like a "sellout."  Famous scene from flick:

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