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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dowd, Douthat (Naturally) Split on Ryan

NYT comedy writer Ross Douthat in a new posting tonite says moderates, even liberals, should applaud Paul Ryan.  Why? Because "he’s almost single-handedly responsible for saving the Republican Party from some of its own worst impulses."  Of course, he is "brave" in proposing an (idiotic, unworkable) plan.  "But an honest assessment of Ryan’s record requires acknowledging that he’s made his own party substantially more responsible and rigorous, while also challenging some of the self-deceptions that are endemic on the Democratic side of the aisle."

On the other hand, Maureen Dowd, who has been hitting Obama hard lately, is less thankful in tomorrow's column.  She writes: "He’s the cutest package that cruelty ever came in....Who better to rain misery upon the heads of millions of Americans? He’s Scrooge disguised as a Pickwick, an ideologue disguised as a wonk....Unlike W., he’s not even going to make a feint at 'compassionate conservatism.' Why bother with some silly scruple or toehold of conscience?....Ryan should stop being so lovable. People who intend to hurt other people should wipe the smile off their faces."

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