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Friday, August 31, 2012

Every Which Way, And Loose

My new piece at The Nation on Clint & Chair.  And see trailer for upcoming Clint film where he stars as a former baseball scout--who is losing sight.  Maybe seeing things in chairs.

Meanwhile,  NYT just posted quotes from Romney insiders who are upset about the Clint affair.  Some shocked he did no rehearsal and refused to do teleprompter--and went five minutes over time.  Finger-pointing begins.  Lawrence O'Donnell last night suggested it was Stuart Stevens (who is quoted, on the defensive, in Times story)  who wrote for him on TV ("Mr. Sterling") and  now with Romney who was huge Clint fan.  

UPDATE  NYT just added to story 1)  Clint asked for chair at the last minute and 2) He ignored a red blinking light on camera facing him that begged him to wrap it up.   Also: he laughed about the whole fiasco back stage afterward.

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Laurence Glavin said...

It seemed as though EVERYBODY in show business posted a tweet about Clint Eastwood's, um, "performance". Even Neil Diamond wrote "nobody talks to an empty chair". Oh, wait...