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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gallup: No Bump for Romney from Convention (So Far)

Today's "daily tracking" poll from Gallup, released at 1 pm, found no change whatsoever in the race, with Obama still edging Romney 47-46.   It's a little confusing at Gallup because they report both the latest results from a single day and a weighted result from up to 7 days.  In any case: no change so far, despite the hype.   Nate Silver at NYT has said that Romney must get a 4% hike to fit past trending.  Note: Gallup has usually been among the polls that have given Romney a higher % than most.  BTW, another Gallup poll found that Ryan's "favorable" rating had jumped 13% since getting the veep nod--but his unfavorable count soared 17%.

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