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Sunday, August 19, 2012

GOP Senate Candidate on 'Legitimate' Rape

UPDATE  TPM suggests conservative actvists want Akin to step down--but this is small sample.  Think Progress quotes a few conservatives but overlaps.  Nate Silver of NYT just tweeted that based on past episodes this ought to cost Akin 10% in polls.

Earlier:  You'll be  hearing a lot about this one for awhile.  Crazy right-wing GOP candidate for Senate in Missouri--he may even be leading Claire McCaskill--Todd Akin in an interview today explained why he didn't believe in abortion even in the case of rape.  Simple.  Doctors have assured him it's almost impossible to get pregnant when you suffer a "legitimate" rape.  You know, body "shuts down" or something.  And if it does somehow happen:  punish the rapist but leave the "child" alone.  The GOP in the House, with Paul Ryan, has just made a move to "redefine" rape. 

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