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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gotta Love This: A 'Dump Romney' Move at GOP Convention?

Well, it may no go anywhere at all--we've seen it all before--but it's fun (as Buzzfeed reports) that a group of rightwing religious folks and former Bachmann/Santorum/Gingrich backers have gone so far as draft a massive "manifesto" (and put it up at Amazon) that calls on bound delegates to reject the Mitt man and back some other (unnamed) candidate without his many "liabilities."  Until now, only Ron Paul has been promising to compete.  This week's Reuters and CNN polls showing Obama opening up a 7% lead over Romney may spark at least a few second thoughts.  The liabilities are obvious, although the manifesto group may be sparked partly by anti-Mormon fears.

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Paul W. Tenny said...

There is some amazingly ugly stuff in that book. This is the kind of thing I kept expecting during the primary.

I hate that I'm going to have to read a serious chunk of the memo in order to write about it next week.