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Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Fox Fell for Reagan 'Hologram'

Is it possible I had something to do with this? On Monday, when word emerged that a legendary "surprise guest" was coming to the GOP convention, I tweeted that it could only be a hologram of Ronald Reagan--now possible after the success of that Tupac hologram.  Of course, I was joshing.  The next day this online parody appeared, claiming the folks who did the Tupac thing were now doing Reagan.

Fox picked up on this, of course, and it's now been exposed as a hoax.  Fox now claims that Clint Eastwood--a lifetimer GOPer who recently said Romney's election would make his day--will now be in that slot. Personally, I would rather have the holographic Reagan saying, "Where's the rest of me?"

UPDATE:  Yahoo News interviews guy who claims he is working on a Reagan hologram, hoped to debut it at the RNC but now aiming for end of year.  For all we know, this is also a hoax...

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