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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hurricane Update Worries GOPers

Here comes the story of the hurricane:  It was good for few jokes yesterday--a big storm heading maybe to Tampa, threatening the GOP convention, as a message from God or some such.  Someone tweeted that the convention was being moved--to the 1950s.  Anyway: no one's laughing anymore, as the storm gets stronger and its path now seems headed for Florida.  Current ABC News headline: "Hurricane Isaac threatens to swamp GOP convention."

Amazed by this quote from Tampa's mayor:  “Well, absolutely, we’re prepared to call it off.  Safety and human life trump politics. I think the R.N.C. recognizes that. The organizers, certainly Governor Romney, recognize that. Whatever we do will be based on getting people out of harm’s way. Politics will take second place.”  Just hope they haven't hired Ray Nagan as advisor. 

Who has the most to lose?  To judge from the publicity--the city's many strip clubs.  UPDATE  Tampa is preparing "for the worst" in nightmare scenario.  Possible mass evacuation of overcrowded city.  Local TV notes that even major thunderstorms can flood local roads severely and this would be much worse.  Latest here based on 11 pm advisory.

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