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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Is a Huntsman Source for Reid's No-Tax Claim?

UPDATE #1   The Atlantic covers Reid aide blurting out on radio show tonight that source was a "Republican"-- then backtracking.

UPDATE #2 The Huntsman/Reid speculation goes mainstream as Taegan Goodard reports it this morning at his popular Political Wire.

UPDATE #3  Huntsman Sr. on Friday sternly calls for Romney to release his tax returns, saying his current stance is"unfair to voters"--but strongly denies that he was Reid's source.

Earlier:  Speculation building tonight--well, it's fun to follow, in any case--that the father of Jon Huntsman (remember him?) is Sen. Harry Reid's "Bain investor" source for his much-disputed but obviously unproven claim that Romney might have paid no taxes for ten years.  DailyKos put it together best  tonight (or as best as it can be), although rumor has been around since last weekend.  Too much to summarize here so just go here.   For starters:  "The chemical company founded by Huntsman's father (and formerly run by junior) made a $600 million deal with Bain Capital. That deal took place in 2001, the beginning of the 'ten year' time period."  The Huntsmans (fellow Mormans form neighboring state) have always been big Reid backers.

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