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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Liars Poker

They're calling Chris Christie's keynote speech a "barn burner"--except for Maddow, who said it was the most "selfish" major speech she'd seen since Chris barely got around to plugging his party's nominee--but the real barn burner of the night is Charles P. Pierce's review of the entire show at his blog (he is in Tampa).  Over and over he repeats--the whole night was one long "demonstrable lie."   Even that little history of Oklahoma. One excerpt:

"It was an entire evening based on a demonstrable lie, and it was topped off by a demonstrable liar named Chris Christie, who talked about how the president can't lead, and that nobody wants to tell the Americans the truth of the sacrifices we have to share, and talked about 'politicians who pander' at a convention that is preparing to nominate Willard Romney, which was the final hilarious lie of the night, since Romney hasn't stopped pandering since he walked down the steps of the Massachusetts State House in 2006."

He closes with just one word: "Liars."

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