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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mark David Chapman: Latest Version of Lennon's Murder

You may have read that John Lennon's killer recently lost his 7th attempt at parole.  Now you can read full 39-page transcript of his hearing.  Chapman says, among other things, that after Lennon ("Very cordial, and very decent man") signed his album that day,  "I did try to tell myself to leave. I’ve got the album, take it home, show my wife, everything will be fine. But I was so compelled to commit that murder that nothing would have dragged me away from the building."

Chapman says he'd like Yoko to know that it was "nothing personal." He simply wanted to kill the most famous person he could to gain "notoriety" and Lennon was on top of his list of seven celebs.  As is known, he came to NYC once before to do the deed and did not follow through.  He says he changed mind after seeing the film Ordinary People. 

He also says he gets yearly "conjugal visits" from his longtime wife, who still lives in Hawaii.  Naturally, he has found Jesus.

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