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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Media Still Mystified By Motive in Shootings

Love the headlines, still widespread today, on Sikh temple shootings, declaring "Still No Motive," or some such.  I guess those Nazi flags must have been photo-shopped.  And those song lyrics hacked.  Here's a collection of some of the current headlines:

Associated Press (published by hundreds of papers and sites): "Still no motive."  NPR:  Motive in Sikh Temple Shooting May Remain A Mystery  CBS News: FBI looks for motive in Sikh temple shooting  San Diego Union-Tribune: "Shooting Motive Remains a Mystery." 

 L.A. Times:  "Motive Uncertain, Police Say."  Another AP story:  Wis. temple shooter's motives might never be known  Wisconsin Public Radio:  No known motive in Sikh shootings  Bergen (NJ) RecordSikh temple gunman shot himself; still no motive

You get the idea.  Now here's a new NYT op-ed on the dangers lurking in the white racist music scene.

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