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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mitt Loves The Killers

Amazing Q&A with Mitt and Anne Romney in upcoming Parade magazine. They talk about which musicians they'd like to invite to their White House, and Mitt claims to love the group The Killers. Ann says they have a friend in The Eagles, though one hopes she is not confusing the crazy GOP congressman Joe Walsh with the crazy guitarist Joe Walsh.  Video from The Killers below.

Note #1 : The group's lead singer Breandon Flowers is a Mormon who named his first-born son after a missionary in the Book of Morman.  He is featured on the church's main web site.   Note #2 The Eagles reference no doubt is Don Felder, who is playing the GOP convention this week.  But in the usual Romney record on facts, he has been out of the Eagles for many years.

Parade interview verbatim:

MR: Well, I would certainly want to hear from the Beach Boys, even though I know it's not the same group it used to be. Also Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith, and today's rock stars—The Killers are one group I enjoy.

AR: I love jazz, I love pop, I love rock, I love classical.

MR: I'd let Alabama come back and sing again, and Aerosmith. Different eras.

AR: We have a friend in the Eagles.

MR: These are not all Republicans, by the way. Some may turn us down, but—

AR: No, they would die to be mentioned.

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The Killers said...

Great song, odd video and what is the green thingie?