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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Most Revolting Aspect of Romney/Ryan Today?

Where to begin, and more to come (and see my new piece at The Nation), but for now:  How about both Romney and Ryan introduced to the strains of Aaron Copland's  "Fanfare for the Common Man? (of all things)?  One of the most famous musical pieces of the 20th century but few seem aware of it.  True, what the GOPers played today  was the adapted version for the Jerry Goldsmith theme of Air Force One but in the brief intros we mainly only heard the Copland.  And Aaron, of course, was a famous lefty,  hounded by Joe McCarthy, and gay.  Here's the original:


Anonymous said...

Yeah, because a rich Congressional-aide-turned-elderly-killer is such a common man.

Steven A. Levine said...

NEWSFLASH: Composer Aaron Copland came back to life vomiting uncontrollably when he discovered plutocrats Romney and Ryan were introduced to the strains of "Fanfare for the Common Man."