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Monday, August 20, 2012

Naked Appeal: Top Stripper Ads Welcome GOPers

Daily Bleach site picks the top 10 in Tampa, rolling out the welcome mat for GOP delegates.  I featured a couple this month  (yes the Palin lookalike is still booked for two nights, now joined by a Paul Ryan lookalike) but most of these are new to me. 

--"Super Pac Your Night With Dancers Michele, Hillary, Nancy and Racy Rachel!”

--"Romney/Ryan: The Hottest Party in Town."

--Ybor Gay Bathhouse: “All RNC Delegates Get in Free!”

-- Déjà Vu Showgirls: “Free cover if you wear red, white and blue all week long!”

-- HomoCon 2012 at the Honey Pot: “Male Revue Upstairs in the VIP Room Featuring Paul Ryan Look-alike!”

--Goddess Nyx: “I am quite the Sadistic Disciplinarian that loves to humiliate ‘sissi bois’ and ‘ALPHA PIGS’”

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