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Monday, August 20, 2012

NBA Owners In Romney's Court

Amazing new report: of 10 bigtime b-ball owners who have donated to a presidential campaign 8 have gone for Romney. In fact, the two who gave to Obama--Ted Leonsis of the Washington Wizards and Johnny Bush of the Los Angeles Lakers--handed over only a paltry $6000 or so compared to the $47,000 for Romney (which does NOT count any PAC giving).  Another study last year found NFL owners backing GOPers by 2-1.

"N.B.A. players and coaches, meanwhile, continue to support Mr. Obama, as many did in 2008. Three players (Baron Davis, Vince Carter and Grant Hill) and six coaches donated to Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign, while none opted to support Mr. Romney’s campaign. Former and current basketball stars are also supporting the president’s campaign by hosting fundraisers and other events. The Obama campaign recently announced the “Obama Classic,” which will feature former stars such as Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning and current N.B.A. players Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Erving."

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