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Thursday, August 16, 2012

New 'Dump Romney' Video from GOPers

Someone on the right sent me this video--worth watching though it may make your head explode.  I thought, halfway through, it was merely the usual attempt to show liberal media bias.  It opens with multi-screen reminder of how Tina Fey helped destroy McCain/Palin and then goes on to CBS airing afull number from the "Book of Mormon" on its Tony Awards show.  Then more media jokes and hits on Mormons.  Then a few more, all with the popular musical by the "South Park" duo playing in the background.  But then a twist:  All of this means that Romney is now totally "damaged" goods, Obama has "won"--unless the delegates at the GOP convention axe Mitt and pick a new candidate!

I should note that this was posted just before the Ryan pick, and I have wondered, since then, if the rumbles on the right have totally been quieted.  Perhaps they will move to put the #2 guy at the top of the ticket. 

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