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Monday, August 13, 2012

'NYT' Finally Covers 'Trapwire'

Headline: "WikiLeaks Stirs Global Fears" and article is by one of their aces Scott Shane.  Opens: "A new release of stolen corporate e-mails by WikiLeaks has set off a flurry of concern and speculation around the world about a counterterrorist software program called TrapWire, which analyzes images from surveillance cameras and other data to try to identify terrorists planning attacks."

Then claims, rightly or wrongly, that fears largely overblown:  "Though TrapWire Inc., the Virginia company that sells the software, would not comment on Monday, the reports appear to be wildly exaggerated. TrapWire was tried out on 15 surveillance cameras in Washington and Seattle by the Homeland Security Department, but officials said it ended the trial last year because it did not seem promising. A claim in the leaked e-mails that 500 cameras in the New York subway were linked to TrapWire is false, said Paul J. Browne, the New York Police Department’s chief spokesman."


Rahul said...

America does not fail as the leader of perversion. Always bringing in new ideas of perversion. I think they are getting used to & got bored from the everyday stripping and molesting of civilians at airports. They want more!!

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