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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

'NYT' Probe: How the U.S. Armed Libya

Amazing new piece, still not on the NYT home page but only at the At War blog, by C.J. Chivers and John Ismay, looks at the sorry history of American arms for Libya, which helped lead to despotism, going back decades -- sparked by a reporter's discovery of a deadly white phosphorous shell with U.S. labeling (left).  They call it  "a case study of American military engagement gone awry, and a military-aid program having exactly the opposite of its intended effect. And they potentially carry lessons for the present day, when the United States has busily helped equip and train the security forces of other fragile and immature states, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia and many more, and as various commentators call for the arming of would-be allies elsewhere, including in Syria."  Also see photos and more at Chivers' own site.

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