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Friday, August 10, 2012

Obama: Race to the Finish

We've quoted and linked to the great Charles P. Pierce's blog often but now he has a new print piece from upcoming Esquire that deserves attention:  Obama and race.   Too much to distill but here's an excerpt on "the most noxious idea out there: that Barack Obama 'failed' in his promise to 'bring the country together.' He's now campaigning in such a way that you might believe he actually wants to be president all over again. He is engaging in politics. Mother of mercy, I swear David Brooks is just going to break down and go all to pieces on PBS some evening over the president's betrayal of his role as the country's anodyne black man and, of course, his upcoming role as black martyr to incivility and discord. It is his duty, dammit, to be all the things that people like Brooks wanted him to be so that he could lose, nobly, and then the country could go back to its rightful owners."


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