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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh, What a Ryan Shame!

Watching the talking heads on cable TV this morning, of course, but wondering: Will Ryan land on the deck of the USS Wisconsin and declare Mission Accomplished?  ...  Ah, George Allen there, speaking on the deck--good times.  Awaiting: "Paul Ryan is no Macaca."....Bill Kristol on Fox--perhaps afraid he will get blamed AGAIN when his hand-picked Veep pick dooms the ticket--claims he was told that Romney favored Ryan before he started beating the drum for him...Several tweeps claiming Romney, as is his wont, just outsourced killing Medicare to veep pick....

Ouch, Maddow just hit the "lame" Beltway framing of Ryan as the "serious" candidate and budget hawk, when he wants to hike Defense spending and fighting mandated cuts in deficit deal.  Announcement on big ship in a few minutes may include call to protect bloated Pentagon budget.  Then Chris Hayes jokes about guest Ezra Klein as member of "Beltway media.".... Hayes posts on screen all of the many Ryan votes in the House that bloated deficit...

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