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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paul Ryan's Hometown Station Kills 'Granny'

The Agenda Project, the folks who recently brought us the "Romney Girl" video and before that the infamous Paul Ryan-pushing-granny-off-the-cliff video now have an updated "granny" ad spot (as I aired a few days back)--and they now tell me that Ryan's hometown TV station is refusing to air it.  The station is WMTV for Madison and Janesville, WI, and the station manager Bob Smith allegedly turned it down due to "content."  It's the only outlet to refuse the money so far.

Erica Payne, producer of the video and director of the Agenda Project, says in the email:  “WMTV is doing a disservice to the citizens of Wisconsin by withholding critical information that will allow them to make informed decisions about their future leaders. I certainly hope that the Romney/Ryan campaign had nothing to do with WMTV’s decision to censor the ad.  That is a question I would like answered.”

Here is the updated ad again.  The cliff, by the way, is very near my home, I believe. Granny goes into the Hudson.  PLUS:  See new video from the right--calling for, "Dump Romney."  Featuring:  Media bias and "The Book of Mormon."

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