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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rob Portman: Well Shaker Up, Baby, Now

Interesting piece by Tim Noah today, partly tongue-in-cheek,  on veep (maybe) frontrunner Sen. Rob Portman's "Shaker Problem."  You may be aware by now that he once wrote a book about the original twist-and-shout Shakers--"Portman’s Shaker fixation is the only thing that’s even mildly unusual about him"--but is not one himself.  "If Portman were a chair, he’d be a Windsor armchair--simple, carefully assembled and elegantly proportioned. If Romney were a chair, he’d be a squishy, expensively upholstered easy chair that bore the imprint of whoever last sat on it. Maybe the thinking is that a voter who won’t settle into one chair will opt for the other. Still, I’m not sure America is ready for a presidential ticket that’s soft on the Shaker menace."

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