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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rob Portman: Who Ya Gonna Call?

I'm still going with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman as Romney's veep pick but would that selection, like the Palin disaster, come back to haunt the GOP?  I mean, literally.  Or would it be Romney's "Shining" moment?  One must ask, after this report that the Portman family owns the oldest hotel in Ohio, in Lebanon, once visited by Mark Twain and Charles Dickens (perhaps the two funniest funny men ever), which also happens to be ghost-ridden (some say).  A reporter spent a night there this week.   Some staffers refuse to set foot on one floor.

"I have not seen the ghosts," Portman admits. "But my mom used to tell stories about hearing the chains at night of the ghosts walking down the hall."  Relics of the Nixon White House, perhaps?

1 comment:

bran deditems said...

I am sure business will pick up for the Golden Lamb now that this story is out. Living people are much scarier and more dangerous than ghosts. Who ya gonna call?