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Friday, August 10, 2012

Romney Announcing Veep Pick Saturday Morning

In Norfolk, Virginia. NBC and Fox now confirm.  8:30-9:00 a.m.  Stay tuned.  Chris Cillizza: "Lot of confidence by Romney to announce they will announce VP tomorrow am. They must think they can keep it from leaking."   See Weekly Standard here on preparations to boost Ryan tomorrow if named. Let's hope Bill Kristol came back from another cruise with the Veep pick, as he did in 2008.

UPDATE #1  Luke Russert just tweeted that conventional wisdom has Ryan, if not him, then TPaw.  Drudge suggests there's still a "wild card."  Critics dusting off their Eddie Munster jokes and images if Ryan picked.... Fox does not have name yet but Carl Cameron says "tea leaves point to Ryan."  Claims Romney aides predict "double digit" bounce from pick which has happened before (when?)....Latest CNN poll:  38% never heard of Ryan, less than half had any view at all.... PolitiFact's report card on Ryan's "truth" record.

UPDATE #2  Cable channels with B teams on at first, with anchors gone for weekend.  Wolf Blitzer phones in from beach or wherever to say that Romney announcing on USS Wisconsin suggests it's Ryan....No, Romney making pick on USS Wisconsin not because of Ryan--but to honor Joe McCarthy. ...

UPDATE #3  Chuck Todd just said, at midnight, that NBC has 3 sources who say it's Ryan.  Huff Post has two sources with same.   Fox News also claiming.  Sources have Portman still in Ohio.  Various reports have TPaw, Rubio, Portman told--By Tagg Romney--they are not the pick.   Tagg--you're not it!....Dem strategist Paul Begala on potential Ryan pick by Romney: "too good to be true." ... Ha, great transition: MSNBC just switched from Romney Veep coverage back to "Lockup."...

UPDATE #4  Howard Fineman:  "My sense is that Dems should be careful what they wish for. Yes Ryan budget cuts Medicare. But he is best upbeat conserv since RR and Kemp."... Matthew Cooper pictures Biden debating Ryan: "You're a good lookin' fella but God love you your ideas are gonna run over seniors like a Mack truck."

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