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Monday, August 13, 2012

Ryan's Family Did 'Build That'

By now, many people (if perhaps most in the media, judging by the coverage) know that Paul Ryan is no Mr. Middle Class.  In fact, he inherited a great deal of money from his family, and his wife is even more loaded.  But here's the rank hypocrisy.  Ryan had the nerve, in his battleship acceptance speech on Saturday, to repeat the main GOP talking point until now--you know, Obama allegedly telling businessmen they didn't "build that."  Of course, what Obama was referring to was all the help government and others provides, mentioning specifically roads and highways.

So, where, does it turn out, does Ryan's personal wealth come from?  Ryan it's his grandfather's Ryan Construction.  And what did they most profitably construct for decades?  Why, roads and highways and parts of the fed's Interstate system.  "The Ryan workload from 1910 until the rural interstate Highway System was completed 60 years later, was mostly Highway construction." Also, work at O'Hare airport.  And defense contracts.  You get the idea.  Do voters?

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