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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shooting at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin

UPDATE #5  Press conference begins at Oak Creek, includes ATF, FBI, D.A.   Police chief:  "Heroic efforts" by officers limited damage.  Officer hit was not one who then killed suspect.  "Treating this as a domestic terrorist incident."  Not someone from outside country.  Still holding at 7 deceased, three injured including officer.  "Weapons on the scene."  No info on how many at the temple, anything about suspect (not even what he was wearing).  They say no new info until 10 am tomorrow.  Meanwhile @NBCNews reports, "Law enforcement official tells Pete Williams that Sikh temple shooter was in tactical gear, one handgun."

 UPDATE #4  Obama issues statement, includes hailing Sikhs contribution to U.S.  Romney also releases views.  Read both here... Awaiting press conference at scene, TV and cable with no new information for past hour. .. Love the phrase, "did the shooter have any help?"  Yeah, he had help--whoever sold him the gun. And the gun itself... Also in Milwaukee area: Employee shoots and kills boss, then himself.

UPDATE #3  According to @NewsHub, the feed for the Milwaukee newspaper, the NYPD has told WCBS in New York that it is stepping up patrols outside Sikh temples in the city... Mother Jones' interactive guide to mass shootings in the U.S.--now 57 in past 30 years.

UPDATE #2:  Local police chief on TV confirms shooter dead, six others killed at temple. including four inside.  Sweep of building turns up no other shooter, so far.   So likely not hostage situation.  Officer, a 20-year veteran, shot multiple times and in surgery. No motivation known. 

UPDATE #1:  Son of one victim (possibly the head of the temple) just interviewed by local TV says mother still inside reported "multiple shooters,"  well-coordinated, released some gas.  Unconfirmed.... National chairman of Sikh organization says mainly women and children inside when episode started... CNN covering live, and reports that children may be held hostage in building.  At least several injuries, perhaps worse.. One witness told the Journal-Sentinel that the gunman was white man in his 30s but far from confirmed. Another told a local TV outlet that he saw the gunman dropped off by a car, which sped off.

Here is the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel site with some news and videos and Twitter feed.  Officer shot but reportedly "put down" shooter (or one of them).  SWAT team going in but very unclear if, perhaps, worst over or active threat still inside.   Possibly injured inside awaiting building to be cleared.  Police begging media not to fly copters over the site.  Aerial footage on CNN now is all taped.  Twitter hashtag is #templeshooting.

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