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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Swing Low, Not So Sweet Charlotte

NYT piece just up looks at the city's plan to combat the many varieties of protestors (from Occupyers to anti-gay wackos)  arriving for the Dem National Convention next month.  "The city is also relying on a recent law that gives its manager the power to declare a large-scale gathering an 'extraordinary event.' When that happens, a section of the city is marked off and the police have wide powers to search and possibly arrest people in that zone who carry items capable of hiding weapons or inflicting injury. On the long list are backpacks, hammers, coolers, chains, glass bottles and water guns known as Super Soakers. Face-concealing scarves could also be tagged." 

The size of the "event zone":  a shocking 60% of the city's core area plus area where protesters will be herded.  An Occupyer says the security zone covers “every part of Uptown that anyone would normally walk through,” and the area set aside for the so-called free speech zone is so remote “we’re calling it a parking lot tour."

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