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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Take This Dance: Strippers Get Ready for Party Conventions

And can the hookers be far behind?  We've been hearing about this for awhile now but here's new report on strip clubs gearing up in Tampa and Charlotte.  (And see our earlier report on that porn star Sarah Palin lookalike.)  “We’ve had a couple of people ask and stop by and take a look at the club,” said the manager, Kristen Hubbell. “We had one guy who said he was bringing a group of about a hundred.” 

The Penthouse Club, "somewhat farther away, devotes a section of its Web site to the convention, offering 'R.N.C. cabanas' for V.I.P. guests."  (I found the page, at left.) The site also says it is now hiring "out of state entertainers" for the biggest bash to hit the city in a long time.

But: "Congressional Republicans have reportedly held sessions warning that even innocent behavior in Tampa could be distorted with just a single cellphone shot."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So what.. What has paysex with strip to do ?? Live and let live.. I find there is lot of other important topics in this "gods own country" you could focus on.

Oh, by the way; how is B.Manning doing these day's ?
Greetings from Denmark