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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tampa's 'Strip Club King' Welcomes GOPers--and Occupy

Yes, kiddies, there's a full-blown Wash Post profile of the alleged "king" of the Tampa strip clubs, who are feverishly awaiting the arrival of those church-loving GOP delegates and hangers-on in a few days. (See my post yesterday on the most raunchy ads, some at gay clubs, naturally, including one featuring a "Paul Ryan lookalike" to join the Palin porn star.)  He's not as excited as maybe some others, maybe because his top club is six miles from the other action, at the convention hall.

Fun facts:  A "progressive," he is handing over some land he owns to allow Occupy to pitch camp.  Also he "has run for various local offices nine times (he’s never won, although he did offer free lap dances to anyone who showed up at The Mons with an 'I Voted' sticker as part of his campaign)."

1 comment:

Peter Prasad said...

This is very funny. How can "the purist party" get away with so much mis-behaving?