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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tark Weak

All you b-ball fans out there surely know the name Jerry Tarkanian, the legendary coach who brought UNLV to power.  You may not know that his son Danny Tarkanian is now running for Congress as a GOPer in Vegas as an underdog in a key race in somewhat blue, racially mixed, district, and is having a few troubles.  For one: He accused his opponent Steven Horsford of effort to "pretend to be black.  One problem: Horsford actually IS black.  Dems in turn accuse Tarkanian of stereotyping blacks suggesting they will naturally vote for him because of his b-ball connections (he played for his Dad, for one thing).

More?  The small matter of the current $17 million federal judgement against him involving an unpaid loan from an botched real estate deal.

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